Custom - Built Man's Declaration & The 12 Core areas

You were Custom-Built By God...Himself

Custom-Built Man's Declaration are the marching orders for a Man's focus & direction for his life and family-Foundation for greatness. Let your uniquness make the difference because the World need to see the Difference between A "Man" & a male.

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Custom-Built Man's Declaration is the marching orders for a Man's focus and direction for his life and family...
Say this...Father God, I believe by faith that I am a “Custom-Built Leader and trainer.” I lead by example and train with passion and purpose. Your Word is the model for my life. I do more than what is expected of me. I serve others because you served mankind. I believe In Colossians 3:17 “what Ido, I do unto God and not unto man.” Therefore, I will stay free.

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